About Us

Our objective

Making it simple to gain cost savings and flexibility on your monthly AWS spend, through smart management of your AWS fleet.

Our Values

At CloudScale, we put 4 main values into every thing we do, these help shape our product, as well and provide assurance for customers that their needs come first.

Ease of Use

Ensuring that customer usability and simplicity are at the heart of all decisions. While there are many different ways to schedule the availability of your AWS services, we think that CloudScale is the simplest to use, while still retaining the right level of power and flexibility

Accessible to All

CloudScale is not just for the IT nerds. More and more business staff are accessing many different systems, so ensuring that is as easy for the finance team to start an application they use once a quarter, or the sales team restarting a demo environment is a primary design driver.

Secure Control

We understand that enabling a 3rd party into your AWS account, with rights to modify things, is a very scary prospect. We know this, as we are customers of other AWS SAAS services to. Ensuring that we use the best Security practices and processes, while ensuring we only ask for the access we need. We will work actively ensure that your CloudScale AWS configuration is a minimal as possible.

Cost savings

Ensuring that we provide a regular and proven ROI, by constantly looking for more ways to help confirm you are only using the AWS resources that you really need to.

Our Team

Steve Mactaggart

Steve is passionate has found a strong affinity to developing systems based on cloud architecture.

Steve is the founder and primary developer at CloudScale.


CloudScale.io is developed and run from Melbourne Australia, currently fully privately owned and funded.