Welcome to CloudScale.io

CloudScale.io exists to help businesses quickly and easily take advantage of one of AWS's powerful features, OnDemand compute power.

The ability to only pay for what you use with AWS is one of the big selling points, but also one of the items that most business don't seem to introduce until they are more mature.

CloudScale is here to help by providing a quick and easy way to schedule when your servers are running, and when they are not.

Quick introduction

Not all servers are the same, so to make it easier to manage, we have created the ability to group your services together so that they can be treated as a single environment.

Firstly you specify which Environment a specific service belongs to.
(eg 'Development' or 'Testing' environment)

  • it is at this level that you can schedule when your services should be started or stopped.

Secondly you order the services within an Environment into Layers.
(eg 'Webserver layer' or 'Database layer' of a specific environment)

  • A layer consists of a set of services that should (or can) be started and stopped together.
  • All services in a specific layer are started or stopped as a group
  • The next layer is not transitioned until all of the services in the previous layer have completed.

See Overview of environment structure for more details.

Once you have your environments defined, then all that is remaining is to configure the Schedules appropriate for your requirements, and apply them to each of your Environments.

Setup in a Nutshell

  • Create IAM user with rights to describe/stop/start AWS services
  • Add these details to your CloudScale.io account
  • Setup tags on your AWS services
  • Create your schedules in CloudScale.io
  • Assign the schedules to your environments
  • Sit back and enjoy the cost savings CloudScale brings you